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3 Essential Tips for Home Hair Care

With beauty salons and barber shops forced to close their doors while we're on quarantine, people are forced to learn how to take care of their hair at home. These three tips are ideal for all lengths, textures, and styles.

It's a good day for a protective style.

Two-strand twists, french braids, and box braids are just a few protective styles that are relatively easy for anyone to do and manage. Choose a style that's low maintenance and makes you feel good about yourself! Even if there's nowhere to go, looking good for you and no one else can be a mega mood booster. Sleeping with a silk scarf or bonnet is ideal, too.

Up your supplements.

On your next grocery run, pick up some vitamin B, collagen, and biotin to help keep you hair strong and healthy. Don't forget the best supplement of all time is water. Be sure to drink at least eight cups a day. Eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables will also improve the health of your hair.

Don't stress.

Stressing out can cause thinning and breakage. The last thing you need is for your hair to start falling out on top of everything else that's going on. When you start to feel overwhelmed, don't underestimate the power of prayer, meditation, and deep breathing exercises.




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